Elementor #2095

CyberZine Queen

Explorations for new hackers

Dear Hackers & Slackers,

Welcome to ze world of cyberspace. If you have stumbled upon this page, I am both thrilled and terrified for you. The amount of information out there is INTENSE, so I have been compiling the best resources I find along my space adventures.

Advice for all you slackers just starting out? But of course….

Ready. Set. Takeoff!

Launch into the unknown.

The only way to get started is to lift your nose up from those books and start trying to break stuff!

I am going to address some of the questions fluttering through your brain…

  1. What type of hacking should I get into?
  2. What languages, tools, OS flavors do I need to know?
  3. Which books are the best?
  4. Which online games and websites are for absolute beginners?
  5. What happens when I get stuck?
  6. How will I EVER memorize all of this stuff?

Don’t cry precious earthling, you will be an astronaut soon enough.



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